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The PVS-7 is widely recognized for its unsurpassed dependability and ergonomic design. This U.S. Military-grade night vision goggle system has repeatedly proven its worth in combat, and is the highest-quality AN/PVS-7 B/D system on the market. It is equipped with Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) to adjust image brightness in changing light conditions to maintain image definition and clarity. The built-in infrared illuminator provides a light source beyond the visible spectrum to enable the user to operate in complete darkness without being detected. Additionally, the PVS-7 has a bright light cut-off feature to protect the image tube from sources of intense light, and a flip-up shut-off feature that can be used with the optional helmet mount system. The PVS-7 has two LED indicators in the eyepiece for the IR illuminator on and low battery indicator. Lightweight, tough, and versatile, the PVS-7 can be handheld, or mounted to the users head/helmet.

Magnification 1x
Objective 27mm
Field of View 40 Degrees
Generation 3 Level 3
Battery AA Alkaline/Lithium
Dimensions 6.40" x 6" x 3"
Weight 1.50 lbs
Focus Range .2m to Infinity
Resolution 64 lp/mm
Intensifier Tube Yes
Diopter Adjustment -6/+2
Infrared Illuminator Yes
Battery Life 60 hrs

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Agm Global Vision 12PV7123253031 PVS-7 3NL3 Goggles 1x27mm Black Generation 3 Level 3

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