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  • Accurate Blackhorn 209 Muzzeloader 10 oz 1 Canister

***Please verify the picture versus the description, as we cant always guarantee the accuracy of the picture. Be sure to verify before ordering.***

Blackhorn 209 was specifically designed as a low-residue, high performance propellant for modern in-line muzzleloaders with sealed ignition systems using standard 209 shotshell primers. It is an excellent black powder cartridge propellant and is far less hygroscopic than other black powder substitutes. No anti-seize grease on breech plug threads needed when using Blackhorn 209. It is engineered to consistently shoot at higher velocities and with greater accuracy than any other muzzleloader powder. Its uniform size boasts dependable, superior ballistics and unbeatable accuracy, It is extremely low residue with no swabbing between shots and easy breech plug removal, and cleans with regular solvents. It requires no special primers, isn't affected by temperature or humidity and has an extended shelf life. A powder measure can be used for Blackhorn 209 - a unique feature to Blackhorn 209.

Type Powder
Weight 10 oz
Quantity 1
Burn Rate Intermediate
Recommended Use Rifle

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Accurate Blackhorn 209 Muzzeloader 10 oz 1 Canister

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